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Our Services

If you are starting business activities in Europe and you are looking for a partner or if you are looking for somebody to assist you after Cyprus joined Europe, or if you are looking to explore the business possibilities for Europe, Demetservus can help. With us, you are always sure you will get the best of service because we are standing at the high level of servicing.

Company Formation

We can register a limited liability company in Cyprus within 5 working days from the date of approval of the name by the registrar. We have a number of “shelf” companies which can be used by our clients in 24 hours. Full details of prices and names can be available upon request.

We can also provide for our clients international limited liability companies in various Jurisdiction i.e Belize, Seychelles, British Virgin Islands, etc. Full details of prices and names can be available upon request.

Fiduciary services and trusts

  • Provision of Nominee Shareholders
  • Nominee Directors
  • Provision of Company Secretary in accordance with the Cyprus Companies Law
  • Bank Accounts
  • Registered Office Address in accordance with Cyprus Company Law
  • Trustee functions

Management & Bookkeeping Services

We can help our clients to achieve their targets in their business. These days, great changes are taking place in all the world and which is caused by the availability and the easiness in getting information, access to the new technologies and the competitive world wide markets. There is a great need for large or small companies  to make a revision of their corporate and ownership structures, funding strategies, capital sourcing etc.

Business & Management Consulting

  • Business Advisory
  • Strategic Planning
  • Management Consulting
  • Company formation and anything to do with the Registrar of Companies

Tax planning, services & solutions

Demetservus strives continually to be a leading tax consultancy firm. In giving a very exact and superior quality advice, we envisage in assisting our clients to achieve the best tax structure. We are working together with our clients. we help them use all opportunities for tax savings and reduce expenses.



Demetservus expert staff can provide for our clients payroll services and provide pay slips for their staff. We can also provide the schedules for the social insurance department for your staff and pay the social insurance.

We can also provide E101 Certificates for our European clients who have contractors all over Europe and who want their Social Insurance to be paid in one country only. The Republic of Cyprus is an ideal place to pay the social insurances.It provides security and cost benefit.

Office space & other facilities

Clients who do not want to operate a fully fledged office with the obvious expense requirements of rent, secretary, telephone, fax e mail etc., we can provide an office space for them which we call the “Business Centre”.

If you want to use our “Business Centre” we can provide for you , your own Secretary, conference room, fax, e-mail and other individual, client tailored services.

Corporate Services

Explore your Business Possibilities

Unlock your business potential with our expert corporate services. Partner with us to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and drive growth. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your business. Contact us today to explore your possibilities!